Earn High Yield and Enjoy Flexible Liquidity

- Receive ETH annual staking rewards 5% to 16%

- Get a line of credit up to $500,000 USD or equivalent

- Easy monitoring your private assets in real time

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Designed for your needs.

Most high yield investments out there lock down your money for multiple years, with little return, and no liquidity to spend during that time for urgent expenses or diversing into new investments. Let's change that.

Consistant Returns

By leveraging the ETH 2.0 validator program, you are putting your money to work. Earn consistent annual staking rewards 5% to 16% daily provided by the Ethereum Network.

Flexible Liquility

Stake ETH, withdraw cash while knowing that your investment is netting you returns. Don't sacrifice future gains because of short term obligations.

Secured Assets

We offer a white glove service with our trust partners to help you easily get started on your crypto journey. Staking happens on the blockchain, so the transactions are 100% transparent and secure. Be notified whenever you get payouts.

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Earn High Yield and Enjoy Flexible Liquidity

We enable you to diversify your funds into a high yield asset and have liquid capital to spend while doing so.

What is ETH 2.0 and Staking?

ETH2.0 is the long awaited Ethereum mining using proof-of-stake (PoS) to secure its network. PoS can generate staking reward in newly minted Ether, and participating in ETH2.0 requires 32 ETH in each validator.

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